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Autism Ribbon
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Okay so sorry I have been gone, please forgive me

I really have nothing to say today; it is a beatiful day here.  I hope it is where ever you are; have a great day!

Just Me

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Best Christmas Present!

On Christmas Eve not only did we have the first white Christmas this area has had in years, but I got my grades.  I made the Dean's list at the University of IL with a 4.0!!!  I was extremely excited.  I could not have asked for a better present!  Both snow and great grades all at the same time.  I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

I would have posted this sooner, yet my phone and Internet went out on Christmas.  As you can see it is fixed now. 

Have a great day,
Just Me

Friday, December 24, 2010

White Christmas!!!

We are having a White Christmas!!!  How cool is that?!  it is the first one we have had here since we moved here!  it is beautiful!
                                                Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

Just Me

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am pathetic

What is wrong with me I seemed to have forgotten all of you.  Remind me this was my way to stay in touch, since I am not on Facebook.  You would think I would have more time with school out for now; well I am trying to get the house in order and get some extra done around here before I start the new job.  Two weeks after I start school will start for me again also, it will be like having two full time jobs.  But I want it done, if I slow down I probably won't want to go back; so I will continue.  I get through the spring semester the worst will be over.  Onward I will go.

Is everyone ready for Christmas?  Me no, not at all.  Oh well whatever gets done gets done and if it does not then it doesn't.  I really would just like a stress free holiday and not feel like I have to be out and going places.  I do not know if I will get to a mass; our church does not have a mass (it is just a small country church with a traveling priest) I will have to go a ways, but we are going to be having another ice storm so I guess we will see if we can get out of the drive way.  Does watching a mass on EWTN count, does anybody know? LOL

have a great day,
Just Me 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Day of School, Drug Test

Yes to day is my last exam, yea!  I have to turn in a paper and I do have one last class tomorrow night, but no exam for that class.  I can not wait; this as been a long semester.  I do have to take a drug test today on my way to school, for the new job; I studied hard all night for this test and I think I will pass it easy!  Sorry, I stole that line from my husband.  I also get the fun of getting my last MMR shot today, oh boy gotta love it.  Got to go talk to everyone soon.

Have a Great Day,
Just Me

Monday, December 13, 2010

I got the best call this morning!!! Christmas came early

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!  It is the best call I have had in a long time!  Does anybody remember reading my post about going for a job where over sixty people showed up for?  I GOT IT!!!  Yep me - I am sorry for the ones who did not get it, really I am.  I start January 3rd.  It is great news! It is for the State and all those years I had with the State before count towards my retirement, even better news!!!  Maybe I will not have to be working until I am 100 years old, lol.  I think Christmas has came early!

My weekend, this is how my weekend went.  First besides school I have been working on putting together a Soldier's Ball and a family Christmas party for Mike's Unit.  This was my Saturday, I got up at 4:30 am to ride with Michael he had first formation at 8am and wanted to be there by 7:30.  From there I went to COFFEE, then went to the University to work on my a final paper that was due last night; I got it done and in before leaving the school.  Then I went and set up the Ballroom and to check on the food; then I spent the rest of the night babysitting a bunch of drunken soldier's.  For the most part everybody behaved and not a single person argued with me when I asked for their keys.  Every person got home all right.  I got to my room at 2:00am and put my drunk to bed.  Well in the morning we woke up to a snowstorm.  The guys all looked rough, yet they all made it!  As the day went on they had soldier call their family members to not try to make it to the party for the.  They had started shutting down the Interstates by the time it was supposed to start.  A handful of families had stayed in the city so they were there; we had food ordered for 150 people, Shelby and I had wrapped up Presents for all of the Kids for Santa to give to them - Santa could not get through the snow!  Now do not tell your kids about that one, it might scare them, but it is true he could not get there.  Soldier's living more than an hour away were dismissed, I was the host and needed to stay - we leave two hours away.  So our party was a complete bust, I guess you cannot argue with mother nature it is going to do what it wants.  We all ate; the food not eaten we told the cater to take it to the homeless shelter.  Mike and I were told to get the Hell out of there soldier's living in the city would clean up.  

Our drive home, like I said it is a two hour drive, that is if you can see the road!  It took us almost four hours!  We drove in a complete white out,  roads were shut down interstates were shutdown, but we forged on and made our way though.  I had been talking on the phone to our oldest daughter and had to get off, she heard her Dad say "oh S_ _ _ and she said what is wrong I told her and said I couldn't talk it was to scary, for Michael to be worried driving it was bad.  When we got home he said he never wanted to drive in anything like that again, and we both have grown up with snow and driving in it, but this was different.  I am happy to report everyone got home from the weekend all right.

Well I have rambled on here enough this morning, to all have a great day,
Just Me 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The end of the Semester is coming, John Deere

I have been no where, sorry busy around the house and trying to finish up the semester.  Yes the semester, I can not wait for it to be over with.  Could anyone out there remind me why I am doing this to myself, it is torture self inflicted; there must be a diagnosis in there some where.  I have gotten very good at self medicating though; yes it is called over eating- oh no now I have another diagnosis.  Please I must stop this!

Kidding aside, I have two papers left and only one exam to take.  Oh yea, and to give my presentation on Fidel Castro; we must not forget about him - tomorrow night he will be over.  That will be one class down and three more to go.  I can see the light, yes I see the light!!! 

My Christmas tree is up, lights on but no decorations yet.  Maybe I will leave it like that, the kids do not want to help.  I do have my John Deere tree up though, it is great!